Our priority is to provide our clientele with a high-quality essential oil at a competitive pricing, within the optimal timeframe and conditions, while respecting good manufacturing practices. We offer a variety of products, based on our clients’ specific needs: conventional vetiver, certified Fairtrade, etc.


The cultivation

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), well-known plant from the Graminae family, is the principal component of our essential oil. This herb, originally from India, is highly valued within the perfumery and aromatherapy industries, due to the aromatic oil contained in its roots.

The vetiver roots are dense, slender, entangled, and grow deep in the ground. Its thin and rigid leaves come together to form long bundles of green herbs which can reach over 1.5 meter in height. At the time of the harvest, all leaves are cut off, and the roots are dug out with picks, cleaned of all the excess dirt, dried, assembled in bales, and transported to the plant. The parent strain is planted back the same day of the harvest, and quickly produces new roots; whereas the leaves are scattered on the ground, and used as mulch and protection against the sun, the inclement weather, and the erosion.

The transformation

Once the vetiver arrives at the plant, the transformation process begins. The essential oil is extracted from the roots, through a steam distillation process which lasts between 7 to 15 hours. The roots of 12 to 24 months of age produce an oil of superior quality. Once the distillation is completed, the product is purified and all unwanted fragrance notes are removed.

The transformed vetiver produces an oil of a beautiful dark-brown amber color. The deep aromatic oil blends green and citrus notes, which soften its wooden, earthy and light smoky scent.

Haiti, Java, India, China and Brazil are the principal producers of vetiver. But the quality of the Haitian oil is the most acclaimed, which places Haiti as the first vetiver supplier of the world.

Uses and Virtues of the vetiver oil

Apart from its popularity with perfumers and extensive use in perfumeries for its unique and complex scent, the vetiver oil also works wonders in aromatherapy, due to its amazing benefits on blood circulation stimulation, the immune system, the relief of nervous tension, and its ability to reduce stress and anxiety.