to the vetiver country WELCOME Vetiver, livehood of more
than 27,000 Haitian families.
in the production of vetiver oil LEADER An Extraordinary Rebirth HAITIAN VETIVER

For the past sixty years, we have specialized in the production and export of vetiver essential oil; one of the most sought-after oils in the perfumery, cosmetology, and aromatherapy industries. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to offer a quality product to our clientele, as well as personalized services designed for their specific needs. Our oil is manufactured with great care, within a sustainable development approach, and is marketed in Europe, North and South America, India, and China.

As one of the main products exported from Haiti, and a pillar in the economy of the South Department area, vetiver supports the operations of about ten distilleries in the city of Les Cayes, and ensures the livelihood of approximately 30,000 rural families across the south region of the country.

FRAGER is located at the center of the main production area of vetiver, in the plain of Les Cayes, south of Haiti.  Its philosophy and expertise have been considerable assets, which have contributed greatly to the development and economic growth of the South Department.  Today, we are pleased to serve a very special clientele which remains loyal to our company.  We are equally proud to actively contribute to such a vital endeavor for Haiti.