Our oil’s richness and quality are a result of our ability to combine the meticulous use of modern technology with our sixty years of experience.

Our constant quest for quality is one of our main concerns. Thanks to our infrastructure, our equipment and logistical resources, our laboratory, as well as our dynamic team, we are able to provide services of a high professional standard to your clientele.

The tracking system we have implemented also allows us to locate the parcels from our cooperative partners, and provide them with a reinforced monitoring and technical assistance.


FRAGER holds a Fair trade certification Fair for Life awarded by Ecocert SA. We are dedicated to reduce our impact on the environment, by pursuing social and environmental objectives, within a vision of fair trade and sustainable development.

By means of our technical support and of a premium allocated on the vetiver roots, we encourage our certified producers to implement ecological and sustainable cultivation techniques.  When he buys a certified product, the client can in turn add his own contribution, by financing social projects in the community.


we firmly believe in sustainable development. Therefore, we are certified Fair Trade by ECOCERT.


Pierre Léger

President (CEO)

Franck Léger

Executive Vice-Président,
General Manager

Joan Léger

Executive Vice-Président

Alexandre Charlier

Export Manager

Roxane Léger

Administrator, Manager /
Sustainable Development Initiatives

Myriam Dorimain

Deputy Manager / Sustainable Development Initiatives

Mirna Maxi

Assistant Export Manager