As the FRAGER plant expands, we also aspire to foster simultaneous progress in the community of Les Cayes. In this regard, we work tirelessly to improve the situation in the region. Our committed willingness to help the community is expressed mainly in the creation of a clinic, a model cafeteria, a Foundation, and the financial inclusion of our staff.

The FRAGER Clinic

The FRAGER Clinic represents the pillar of our social activism in the South Department. Created by Pierre Léger in response to the destructive hurricane Matthew, which devastated the south coast in 2016, its mission is to assist vulnerable and needy families, especially the ones from the rural areas.

We are fully equipped to offer first aid assistance on site to our plant workers, thanks to our appropriate infrastructure and sanitary equipment, as well as the services of two rotating physicians. We also promote employee awareness, especially for our workers, against the health and security hazards at the workplace, by organizing regular workshops for their benefit. The care and services are provided free of charge at the clinic, not only for our plant employees, but also for their family members, as well as the vetiver suppliers who visit our premises. We also organize mobile clinics in a timely manner for the other members of the community, by planning visits to the villages of our cooperative partners.

The beneficiaries never miss an opportunity to express their satisfaction for the services they have received, which motivates us and strengthens our will to serve. We are always attentive to our environment in order to meet the community’s most crucial needs, by implementing efficient social initiatives.

The FRAGER cafeteria

Our employees, seasonal workers, and partners can all enjoy a well-balanced meal, in a clean and pleasant environment. We indeed subsidize approximately 200 hot meals a day, as well as breakfasts and dinners. This initiative also encourages the social interaction in the workplace, and provides employment to a dozen more individuals, of which seventy-five percent are women.

The Frager – Pierre Léger Foundation

The Frager – Pierre Léger Foundation promotes a better organization of the civic action in the city of Les Cayes and its surrounding areas. Founded in 2018 by Pierre Léger, its purpose is to improve the humanitarian response in the region. Its main areas of intervention are the following: education, vocational training, sports, and health, among others.

Financial inclusion of the employees and suppliers of vetiver roots

The vetiver production, in its economical component, generates numerous and substantial “cash” commercial transactions between the plant, the suppliers, and the root producers. In the year 2016, FRAGER finally fulfilled a longtime dream by making available to its employees and business partners a SOGEBANK booth, and thereby facilitating the access to various financial services, within the plant’s premises. This has allowed a marginalized sector of the population as well as low-income individuals, to have access to a savings account for the first time. Many people are now able to complete their financial transactions in a safe and secure environment.

Consequently, since 2017, the purchase of vetiver roots and the payment of all workers’ salaries are processed via electronic transfers, directly on the beneficiaries’ accounts. Thanks to this system, more than 160 employees and 500 providers of vetiver roots now have access to a savings account. Therefore, banking transactions have become both easier and more secure for the beneficiaries and the plant’s administration.