FRAGER is a family-owned company that specializes in the production and export of vetiver essential oil. The oil is extracted by steam distillation of the vetiver roots. The distillery is located in Les Cayes, where the local population benefits greatly from its economic vitality.

Thanks to its modern installations and its high capacity of production, FRAGER guarantees a personalized service within record times to its clientele. With 4 production units, 48 stills, and over 160 employees, FRAGER remains the first producer and exporter of vetiver essential oil in the world.


The FRAGER plant was built back in 1958, by the businessman Franck Léger, who wanted to venture into vetiver transformation. Twenty-six years later, as the original company was experiencing some financial hardship, it was bought back by his son, Pierre Léger, whose own company AGRI SUPPLY CO S.A., started the commercialization of the product, and secured a solid reputation around the world for the Haitian vetiver.

As a skilled agronomist, and confident in his experience with communication and international commerce, Pierre Leger expanded the Haitian vetiver’s market from North America directly to Europe. His first contract with one of the largest perfume companies based in Switzerland, awakened his desire to exceed his own expectations, by purchasing the best technological and communication tools, and therefore become a market leader. In 2002, he welcomed his son, Franck Léger II, into the company management, thus allowing an additional expansion, thanks to Frank’s leadership and capacity to modernize the plant’s production techniques.

By the end of 2016, the essential oil component of the company, was separated from the Agri Supply Co S.A./FRAGER Group, and became an independent legal entity. As of then, the vetiver essence has been produced and manufactured under the name of Frager Essential Oil S.A.

Today, FRAGER remains the most competitive company among its competitors, due to the high quality of products offered, its capacity to satisfy its clientele’s needs, its involvement in social and sustainable development, and its dedication to the local communities.



Upon completing his studies in agronomy in the Netherlands, Pierre Léger decides to return to his home country, and work by his father’s side in the family business Agri-Supply / FRAGER – exporter of vetiver essence-, key component of refined perfumery and industrial perfumes.

A few years later, in 1984, Pierre Léger assumes full responsibility of the company’s operations.

When he found out that the products exported to the United States at the time, were rerouted to the final recipients, i.e. perfume industries in Europe, Pierre decided to remove all intermediaries, and sell directly to the European companies. He persevered in his efforts until getting in contact with one of the most important perfume companies based in Switzerland, and convinced them to grant him a contract. The agreement with this company allowed him to finance the installation of more sophisticated and modern equipment and technology. Today, his company, FRAGER, ensures the livelihood of 30,000 cultivators and their families in the region of Les Cayes. The company is responsible for over 60% of the Haitian production, which places FRAGER among the top exporters of the country. In 2014, the Central Bank of Haiti (BRH) and Groupe Croissance granted the company a plaque in recognition of their first-place rank among the Haitian exporting companies.

Unwilling to settle for his past accomplishments, Pierre Léger undertakes regular upgrades, and continually reinvests in the plant, which converts FRAGER into the largest vetiver manufacturer in the world, solely responsible for supplying the needs of a large portion of the vetiver essential oil world market.

For Pierre Léger, his company’s success resides in the direct contact with the local community, the workers’ involvement in the company, and most of all, in his kept promises.